Liby Hays

Skye wears the Rosette tee. (Summer 2016)

Brian wears the Gorilla Superscript Tee (Summer 2016) and Witch Shoe Charms (Spring 2018).

Isabelle wears the Splints Hoodie (Summer 2017).

Juniper wears the Morbid Disposition Pendant (Spring 2018).

Detail: Central figure flanked by Arizona can and "Guess How Many" jellybeans jar.

Tiff wears the Trompe L'oeil Iron Maiden Tee (Spring 2017) and the Sign Hat (Spring 2018).

Detail: Trompe L'oeil spikes printed on the inside of the tee.

Liby wears the Low-level Recon Hoodie (Summer 2017) and the Ovary Mask (acquired Spring 2017).

Detail: Witch Zipper Pull, and the shadow of a drone, hidden within the design.

Andres wears the I Can Do All Things Tee (Summer 2016).

Detail: The four panels, printed two to a sleeve, give a magical realist step-by-step of the banner's creation.

Ava wears the Rosette Tee and FedUp Shorts (acquired Winter 2017).

Detail: Depiction of a white-collar uprising printed on the back of the short.

Billy wears the One Mississippi, Two Mississippi Shirt (Spring 2018) and the Morbid Disposition Pendant.

Andres wears the Horizontal Integration Tee (With Apologies to Jim Benson) (Summer 2017).

Isabelle wears the EJ Originals 1/1 Sauna Suit (Spring 2018).

Detail: The Horizontal Integration Patch is superimposed.

Isabelle wears the Overdesigned Tee (Spring 2018).

Detail: Design elements include plush witch hat on right shoulder, L-charm at the collar, "Money=Gift=Baby=Penis"-print stomach pouch and geometric graphic at the bottom seam. The Musicians of Bremen pencil topper is also featured.

Skye wears the Gorilla Superscript Tee and Stone Fetus bag (acquired Summer 2017).

Designer Toy Prototype: The "Humans Can Lick Too" Clamshell Playset (Winter 2017).

Detail: The “overbranded” designer toy experiments with presenting a narrative with a twist ending in a sculptural format. The 3-D printed playset is based on the schoolyard urban legend, "Humans Can Lick Too.” .

3-D model the playset is based on.

Above: Juniper wears the Splints Hoodie. Below: Jasper wears the Overdesigned Tee. Liby wears the Low-level Reconnaissance Hoodie and holds the Ovary Mask. Billy wears the Splints Hoodie. Isabelle wears the EJ Originals 1/1 Sauna Suit.

Detail: On the bottom right, plush hat from the Overdesigned Tee, and below, the Witch Shoe Charm.

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Photos: Ava Zeichner and Jasper Davies
Lighting: Ava Zeichner and Jasper Davies
Models: Tiff Bushka, Billy Lu, Ava Zeichner, Skye Volmar, Andres Prince, Isabelle Rea, Brian Oakes, Juniper Styles, Liby Hays, Jasper Davies
Styling: Models are self-styled.
-> Besides the Fed-Up Short, all bottoms are models’ own. <-
-> All shoes are models’ own. <-

Clothing design: Liby Hays
Fabrication assistance: Deb (Liby’s Mom) and Tiff
Digital Embroidery: Tiff Bushka
3-D Printing help: Zak Ziebell
Postproduction & Mini portraits: Liby